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Rare Test Referral Service
PathLab has had a very active rare test referral service, for over 10 years. This service allows Hong Kong doctors to treat their patients using the most up-to-date testing in the world. We have access to most of the major laboratories in the USA and the UK. Our primary overseas referral laboratory is Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute of Valencia in Valencia, California, which is one of the largest providers of esoteric testing in the United States. Since 1996, we have been HK's exclusive provider of testing performed by Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute of Valencia. We also have made arrangements to send tests to other specialized testing laboratories that our doctor clients like to use. We have good communication and pricing with our referral labs and we hope our service helps HK doctors and their patients.
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For enquiries call PathLab at (852) 39831800.
Specialty Laboratories Valencia, California (SPL)
Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute of Valencia, California
Primary overseas referral laboratory
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science, chicago (RFU)

Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago

Athena Diagnostics, Massachusetts
Genetic and innovative diagnostic testing
ARUP Laboratories, Utah
Doctor's Data Chicago, Illinois (DDI)
Doctor's Data Inc., Illinois
Nutritional Medicine & Infantile Autism Testing
Mayo Medical Laboratories, Minnesota
Natera®: Panorama®, Horizon®, Anora®, Vistara
Non-invasive prenatal screening - PanoramaTM SNP-based NIPT and HorizonTM Carrier Screening tests.
The Doctors Laboratory
The Doctors Laboratory, London
  Genetic Testing & other specialized tests
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