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  Covid-19 Test News

Registered medical doctor's referral is a MUST for lab testing. We WILL NOT accept patient without it. PathLab will send your test report to clinic or electronic report via email to your doctor on request.

Doctor's referral should include:

  1. Patient full details (name, DOB, gender & ID #)
  2. Medical doctor full details (name, registered address, phone, fax number & email address)
  3. Test order
  4. Date of issue
  5. Specimen collect date & time

Please see below COVID-19 PCR Testing and Reporting Schedule:
Aug 18, 2020 subject to revision.


  1. Please visit your doctor to obtain a Deep Throat Saliva (DTS) Kit and referral form or bring your referral form to get a kit from any one of our labs.
  2. The Covid-19 test samples include DTS, Nose & Throat swabs in viral transport media (VTM) or Nasopharyngeal swab in VTM.
  3. Reports may be picked up at any one of our locations during opening hours. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays.
  4. If you have a fever, contact or are high risk for Covid-19 please stay home and have someone else take the sample to your doctor’s clinic or to our laboratories.
  5. Covid-19 testing may be a requirement for many reasons such as pre-hospital visits, air travel, Macau and China. Please check Covid-19 test result validity times for your trip before coming for testing. Coming too early or too late may make your result invalid.
  6. PathLab will try to adhere to this schedule. On rare occasions, we may experience delays due to the need to repeat the test.
  7. Your doctor will be informed of any preliminary positive results and the sample will be send to Department of Health for result confirmation. Your doctor may advise you to isolate or go to the hospital (if sick) until the results are confirmed.
  8. All positive findings are repeated by different methods and are confirmed by the Department of Health, Hong Kong.