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Pap & Pathology

CytoLab Pap Test Screening Centre Ltd. is PathLab's subsidiary that performs Pap test screening.
For Enquiries; Please call the Pap Test department at PathLab at 39831800.

*Pathologists of St Teresa's hospital also perform PathLab's histopathology and cytology examinations. Their laboratory is HOKLAS 15189:2012 accredited for these tests.

CytoLab's Quality Assurance: CytoLab participates in an external Quality Assurance Program, through CAP - QAP (USA).
Instrumentation: Our instrumentation also includes a SurePrep and a ThinPrep Pap analyzer. A Leica DC Digital Imaging system digitises and stores images of cervical cells when needed.
Useful Information
Sample Collection Instructions
HPV Guidelines

This journal article discusses the currently approved guidelines on Pap and HPV  testing and follow-up.

The American Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology provides this patient treatment algorithm.

Liquid-based vs. Conventional Smears

Liquid-based Paps - Clearly Better

  1. The liquid media dissolves blood and mucus, without hurting cells.
  2. Computer-controlled equipment puts the cells onto a single layer.
  3. Cleaner, clearer Liquid-based slides enhance accurate screening.

See For Yourself: Move the cursor over the picture on the right.