Lab Departments
Chemical Pathology
The majority of our commonly ordered laboratory tests fall into this category. These include general parameters and special chemistries (e.g., hormones, cancer markers, electrophoresis, and drug testing). With the availability of advanced automation systems for medical testing, PathLab has installed Abbott’s state-of-the-art integrated clinical chemistry and immunoassay track system (Alinity-c and Alinity-i). We have also integrated intelligent software (AlinIQAMS) for reviewing QC and test results. In addition to the track, this busy department has numerous other major well-established analyzers, including those from Roche, Siemens, Ortho Diagnostics.
Haematology Department
The most common request for Hematology is the Complete Blood Count (CBC). PathLab has acquired the Abbott Alinity-h automated system that integrates hematology workflow, from high-throughput CBC analysis to automated slide-making, staining, and review of results. In addition, we perform many other tests in this department, including coagulation and transfusion-related tests.
Clinical Immunology
Tests for many medical conditions such as autoimmune disorders, antibodies to other diseases, or immunity tests are tested here. Immunology tests involve sophisticated methods such as immunofluorescence, chemiluminescence, immunoblotting techniques, and ELISA.
Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Disease
Microbiology culture and susceptibility tests are mainly performed here. These and other tests identify pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and parasites in body fluids, wounds, respiratory samples, etc. Pathogenic bacteria are tested for their susceptibility to antibiotics. PathLab primarily uses the bioMerieux Vitek® analyzer for this purpose.
Molecular Department
Molecular tests have revolutionized the field of infectious disease diagnosis and have complemented other microbiology tests in the laboratory. The recent development of automated instrument systems enables the rapid testing of multiple respiratory and gastrointestinal pathogens, STD, TB, HPV, HIV, Hepatitis, etc., for early diagnosis or treatment monitoring, directly benefiting the patients. PathLab uses top-of-the-line FDA-approved / CE-EU instruments, such as those from bioMerieux, Roche, and Cepheid. For rare, esoteric molecular tests used to diagnose, monitor, or treat various congenital, hereditary, or malignant conditions, PathLab can refer these tests to well-established local or overseas laboratories within our global network.
Cytology Pap Testing
We report pap smears under the CytoLab Pap Test Screening Centre. We offer monolayer pap tests. Our hospital pathologist partners review all the slides, authorize all the reports, and perform biopsies for our clients when necessary.