Doctor's Information
Client Information
PathLab’s clients are primarily doctors and medically related institutions. Our policies and services offered may be found in detail in Section 10 of PathLab Book 1 Directory of Services. We urge all clients to read this section. PathLab requires a doctor’s referral for all medical tests for the purpose of medical diagnosis &/or treatment.
Customer Service
Our staff will strive to provide friendly and professional service. Please telephone our Fortress Hill Main Lab at (852) 3983 1800 or contact us by email for information and assistance.
New accounts
We welcome your inquiry. Please email or phone 3983 1800 for new account information, which includes applications for:
  • New account
  • Cumulative results (requires identical Name, HKID, DOB & Sex)
  • Doctor’s portal (secure results-on-line and more)
  • Auto-email / fax reports etc.
Reporting results
Turnaround time for testing is competitive. We complete most routine tests on the same day, and the results are delivered the next. Special tests are performed the next working day or batched during the week. Referral tests may take a bit longer. Please enquire for details. Urgent test results, once completed, can be emailed, faxed, or telephoned to you.
Notifiable diseases
PathLab wishes to remind doctors the HKSAR Department of Health Quarantine & Prevention of Disease Ordinance requires notification of suspected or confirmed cases of certain diseases.
NOTE: The list of notifiable diseases changes from time to time. Visit the Centre for Health Protection's Statutory Notifiable Disease web page for current information and forms.
PathLab is pleased to supply clients with specimen containers such as culture swabs, blood, urine, and stool containers. You can find a list of available supplies under “Specimen Collection Supplies” in PathLab’s Directory of Services Book 1. A fax order form is available for your convenience.
Additional Testing
Serum samples are appropriately stored frozen for up to one month to aid in adding tests for clinical follow-up. If there is a sufficient sample left and if it is suitable for testing, we can add on additional tests. We store other fluid samples for about one week. Please get in touch with our staff with any queries. If the lab results do not seem to fit the clinical picture, please see our Repeat Testing section immediately below.
Repeat testing
Even with the best instruments, methodologies, and Quality Control, there are always variations in any measurement process. These variations can be due to sample handling (hemolysis, lipemia, etc.), other analytical factors, and natural biological variation. We encourage doctors to phone us if there are any questions concerning the clinical findings and test results. We will be pleased to repeat the test at no charge, either on the specimen received or on a redrawn sample. Please notify us as soon as possible, so we may thoroughly investigate the previous results and repeat the test.
Blood Collection
Most doctors draw blood in their clinics and call us to pick up the samples. However, PathLab does provide a complimentary blood collection service at all of our laboratory locations. Drawing blood is a blind invasive procedure with known risks. However, side effects outcomes such as hematomas, bruising, slight bleeding, light-headedness, fainting, and pain, although rare, sometimes occur but are not permanent.

Difficult draws due to fine or deep veins, dehydration, collapsing veins, rolling veins, and constricted vessels may require more than one attempt. Therefore, we wish to advise doctors who use this service to inform patients of the procedure and the known risks.

PathLab will conduct this procedure using well-trained phlebotomists who will perform the task to the best of their ability. PathLab accepts no liability related to this procedure when conducted using established methods and protocols and is conducted within the normal scope of practice and proper standard of care.

Reprinting Reports
Clients sometimes ask us to reprint reports. PathLab stores test reports for three years. We will be happy to reprint a report at a doctor’s request.

We request all doctors using our services to read Section 10 of our PathLab Book 1 Directory of Services.