COVID-19 Tests for Travel, Compulsory Testing & Diagnosis
  • Sample types: CNTS, DTS, NPS, OPS (children > 3y), Stool (infants and young children)
  • FDA-EUA and/or CE-IVD approved RT-PCR methods
  • High diagnostic sensitivity & specificity of 99-100%
  • The laboratory swab collection service in Fortress Hill is only for asymptomatic compulsory, target group, institutional, and travel testing
  • Diagnostic testing for symptomatic or for confirmation of positive RAT tests must be ordered through your doctor
  • Sample type: Nasal swab (asymptomatic adults and children > 3y).
  • FDA-EUA, CE-IVD, HKMDD approved methods used
  • Collection and testing performed in our Fortress Hill location.
  • Travel report certificate recognized by all major countries issued within 30-60 minutes while waiting. SMS result and email report to follow.
  • Japan certificate signed by doctor is available.
COVID-19 Spike (S) IgG Antibody, Quantitative
  • Sample type: Blood. Collect at your doctor’s clinic or at one of our labs with a doctor’s referral.
  • FDA-EUA and/or CE-IVD approved Abbott Alinity SARS-CoV-2 (S) IgG Antibody method
  • High dynamic range for post-vaccination checks
  • Used for checking antibody levels post-vaccination and/or suspected previous or current infection
COVID-19 IgM Antibody, Qualitative
  • Sample type: Blood. Collect at your doctor’s clinic or at one of our labs with a doctor’s referral.
  • FDA-EUA/CE-IVD Abbott Alinity SARS-CoV-2 IgM Antibody method
  • Used for checking present/post-exposure in unvaccinated individuals.
  • In unvaccinated individuals with infection, this assay’s studies have shown a positive result post-infection (96% at ≥ 14 days and 99% ≥ 30 days).
COVID-19 Nucleocapsid IgG Antibody, Qualitative
  • Sample type: Blood. Collect at your doctor’s clinic or in lab with a doctor’s referral.
  • FDA-EUA/CE-IVD Abbott Alinity SARS-CoV-2 IgG (N) Antibody method
  • Used to aid in identifying individuals with a recent or prior infection.
  • In unvaccinated individuals, this assay will have a positive result post-infection (99% at ≥ 14 days).
  • In individuals vaccinated with mRNA or viral vector vaccines (e.g., BioNTech, Moderna), a positive test also suggests natural infection; however, if vaccinated with inactivated native virus vaccines (e.g., Sinovac), the test may be positive from the vaccine.
Note: Laboratory results should not be used solely to diagnose or exclude recent infections from COVID-19. You must consult your doctor, who will evaluate your clinical history, symptoms, vaccination status, and test results and interpret the results.

Abbreviations and sample notes:
CNTS: Combined nose & throat swab
DTS: Deep throat saliva (note that only DTS is available for on-line travel testing).
NPS: Nasopharyngeal swab
NS: Nasal swab
OPS: Oropharyngeal (throat) swab for children < 6 years old

We are pleased to offer a private setting for asymptomatic individuals requiring CNTS/NS collection for COVID-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen (RAT) testing. We provide ONLINE BOOKING, and we issue reports or SMS results to cater to the test's purpose.

The HKSARG allows accredited recognized laboratories to perform testing for asymptomatic people to support general community use. Examples include travel (e.g., outbound), compulsory or target group testing, e.g., in specified buildings, Return2HK, and post-quarantine testing. If you have symptoms or your test is for diagnosis or treatment, please seek your doctor for a referral or advice from the government helplines.


PathLab’s RT-PCR & RAT laboratory issued reports have the relevant information needed to travel to China, Macau and most any country in the world. Please come to our Fortress Hill location for on-site swab collection.

Every country has its pre-departure requirements. They may differ between vaccinated or non-vaccinated individuals and the validity time of the test methods (e.g., PCR 24, 48, or 72 hours) and or RAT (e.g., 1 day before). Therefore, before traveling, it is essential to check each country's inbound testing requirements to avoid delays by checking informational government or third-party links and airlines. We have added some helpful country links for your reference only. Please do your research for the requirements of the specific country you wish to visit before you visit your doctor.

Pre-departure helpful links for your reference:
Compulsory testing, e.g., specified buildings, Return2HK, and post-quarantine testing orders, may test here. You must come to our Fortress Hill location for an on-site swab collection.

Just as with all community testing, you will only receive an SMS result. We will upload your result to the government portal for their records and handling. Keep our SMS as evidence for inspections.

Details of compulsory testing notice of specified premises:

Children under 3 years old can have Stool PCR tests using government collection points for stool submission. If you wish to perform a stool test at the lab, this is available only by appointment (3983 1800).