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Sample Collecting Instructions
Liquid-based Pap Smears

1. Collect Sample

Using Rover's Cervix brush, collect a cervical sample. Insert the central bristles into the endocervical canal deep enough to allow the shorter bristles to fully contact the ectocervix. Push gently, and rotate the broom in a clockwise direction five times.

2. Rinse

SurePrep: Place your thumb against the back of the brush pad, and disconnect the entire brush, from the handle, into the SurePath preservative vial. LEAVE THE BRUSH HEAD IN THE SUREPREP VIAL.

ThinPrep: Rinse the Cervex-Brush into the ThinPrep preservative vial, by pushing it into the bottom of the vial 10 times, forcing the bristles apart. As a final step, swirl the brush vigorously to further release material. Discard the collection device. DO NOT LEAVE THE BRUSH HEAD IN THE THINPREP VIAL.

3. Tighten the Cap

Tighten the cap firmly. For ThinPrep, the torque line on the cap should go past the torque line on the vial.

4. Record Information

Label SurePath or ThinPrep vial clearly with patient's name, date of birth & ID. State clinical history, age and LMP on request form.

Collecting Histology & Cytology Samples

Histology and Cytology referral testing is performed by our Consultant Pathologist. All results include a pathologist's report.

Clinical history, LMP, Age, Sex and source of specimen are needed for thorough professional evaluation.

For any questions regarding your anatomical or cytology results, you are welcome to phone our pathologists directly.

Sample Handling
10% Formalin

1. Place tissue specimen in a sterile specimen jar and cover with 10% Formalin solution.

2. State site of excision, clinical history, age, sex and race on request form.

Price is for one tissue specimen. For more than one specimen, please phone lab for pricing.

Fluid Cytology
Sample Handling
Ethanol / Saline Rinsing Solution

1. Urine (first part of stream), body cavity fluid, or sputum (must be deep cough specimen) in sterile jar (sterile urine container acceptable), labeled.

2. Refrigerate after collection until pick up. Do not freeze.

3. State clinical history, age, sex and race on request form.

For fluid aspirates with sufficient quantity, pour fluid in 10 mL of 50% Ethanol/Saline (Rinsing Solution).

Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA), and
Smears for Malignant Cells
Sample Handling
Spray Slide with Cytofix

1. Sampling devices may be swab, cytobrush, syringe etc. Adequate sampling of region is necessary.

2. Spray smear immediately with Cytofix at about 7 inches (18 cm) or soak in 95% alcohol for 15 minutes*.

3. After fixation, air dry 15 minutes before closing the cap of the slide container. Label container.

4. State clinical history, age, sex and race on request form.

* Some exceptions.

For enquiries, please telephone.