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IN07 Day 21 Ovulation Function Screen 第二十一天生殖排卵功能篩檢
IN01 Day 3 Endocrine 1 第三天內分泌系統組合一
IN02 Day 3 Endocrine 2 第三天內分泌系統組合二
IN03RH08 Day 3 Hormones Screen / Menopausal 1 第三天激素篩檢/絕經期組合一
IN04 Day 3 Ovarian Reserve 第三天生殖卵巢儲備篩檢
IN05 Day 3 Poor Ovulation Function Follow-Up 第三天不良生殖排卵功能跟進篩檢
IN06 Day14 Mid-Cycle Ovulation Screen 第十四天生殖排卵高峰篩檢
H075 D-dimer, Quantitative (by ELFA) 迪默爾氏試驗
RH14 Decreased Libido/Impotence 性慾減退/陽萎組合
MC089 Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
RH13 Delayed Puberty, Boys > 15 yrs 性發育遲緩檢查>15歲男童
RH07 Delayed Puberty, Female 女青春期育延遲組合
Y6301 Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid, Random Urine
BP001 Dementia Panel (Medium 58 Genes)
P141 Dengue Fever Profile 登革熱病毒抗體及抗原
M039A Dengue NS1 Ag 登革熱病毒抗原
Y90973 Deoxycorticosterone
UK122 Deoxypyridinoline, Urine (DPD)
Y16033 Desmoglein Antibodies (1 & 3)
Y29391 Dexamethasone
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