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M120 G. C. Culture, Genital 淋病菌培養, 生殖系統
M320 G. C. Culture, Miscellaneous 淋病菌培養, 非生殖系統
M121 G. C. Culture, Rectal 淋病菌培養
M220 G. C. Culture, Respiratory 淋病菌培養, 呼吸系統
M122 G. C. Culture, Urine 淋病菌培養, 尿液
H037 G6PD 6-磷酸葡萄糖脫氫酵素
UK149 G6PD - full G6PD gene sequencing
Y3557 Gabapentin
B008 Gamma GT 丙種谷氨基轉移酵素
Y37653 Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid Screen, Urine
Y90131 Ganglioside Antibody Panel 6
Y39462 Ganglioside Asialo-GM-1 Antibody (IgG), EIA
Y38836 Ganglioside Asialo-GM-1 Antibody (IgM), EIA
Y38964 Ganglioside GD1a Ab (IgM), EIA
Y38916 Ganglioside GD1a Antibody (IgG), EIA
Y39461 Ganglioside GD1b Antibody (IgG), EIA
Y37439 Ganglioside GD1b Antibody (IgM), EIA
Y37093 Ganglioside GM-1 Antibodies (IgG and IgM), EIA
Y34144 Ganglioside GQ1b Antibody (IgG), EIA
UK093 Gastric Parietal Autoantibodies (GASP)
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