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R224 e1 Cat Dander-Epithelium 貓毛皮屑
R225 e5 Dog Dander 狗毛皮屑
Y93748 Early Sjogren's Syndrome Profile
R034Q EBV DNA, Qual
R034 EBV DNA, Quant
R037C EBV EA-IgA Ab (by MICRO-IF) 艾巴氏病毒抗體
R037 EBV EBNA1-IgA Ab (by CLIA) 艾巴氏病毒抗體
SE06 EBV Infection Panel & Monospot 艾巴氏病毒感染檢查及單核球增多症
SE05 EBV Infection Panel (by Immuoblot) 艾巴氏病毒感染檢查
CA12 EBV NPC Abs + EBV DNA Qualitative 鼻咽癌指標
R037B EBV VCA-IgA Ab (by MICRO-IF) 艾巴氏病毒抗體
T001C ECG with Cardiologist Report 靜態心電圖
UK058 Echinococcus (Hydatid) Antibodies (EFAT)
Y91307 Echinococcus Ab IgG, EIA w/Reflex to Western Blot
B016A eGFR with Creatinine 肌酸酐(透析後)
Y34271 Ehrlichia Chaffeensis Antibodies (IgG, IgM)
P012 Electrolytes 電解質
AU03 ENA IgG Ab (by IB) 可提取性細胞核抗原抗體組合
Y15064 Endomysial Antibody Screen (IgA), Reflex to Titer 肌內膜IgA抗體
Y91985 Endomysial IgG Antibody Screen and Titer
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