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Y14679 Y Chromosome Microdeletion, DNA Analysis
M160 Yeast (Candida) Culture & ID, Genital 念珠菌生殖系統培養
M510 Yeast (Candida) Culture & ID, Urine
M100B Yeast (Candida) ST, Genital 念珠菌生殖系統培養
M340 Yeast Culture & ID, Miscellaneous 念珠菌培養
UK004 Yellow Fever Antibodies (YELL)
UK002 Yersinia Antibodies (YERS)
Y16768 Yersinia Enterocolitica Antibodies (IgG, IgA)
M470 Yersinia enterocolitica Culture 小腸結腸炎耶氏菌培養
Y90119 Yo Ab Screen w/Reflex to Titer & Western Blot 浦肯野細胞細胞質自身抗體
AL05 YorkTest FoodSCAN 113 IgG Food Intolerance Test 食物不良過敏症測試
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